Company Profile

Located at the shore of Chinese Yellow Sea, SW Qingdao Machinery belongs to SW Manufacturing Group. More than 15 years experience in domestic and abroad market makes a professional, efficient company in our industry.

By now, we have had customers in most European countries and North America. Thereinto, we have been keeping stable business relations for 5 to 10 years with most major customers.
Our production and business scope include: Casting (sand casting,precision casting), forging (steel forging,brass forging,stamping),stamping,CNC machining, and so on. We have professional engineers in these above industries and an efficient team in technic research. What is important is, our supply system is not limited in our own production. Bring with reach experience and strong economic strength, we could organize suppliers and cargoes all over China in high quality standard. And therefore, we satisfied different inquiries from different clients.