Supply System

There is an ancient Chinese myths: An angle could turn stone to gold by one touch with his finger. In this story, gold is not the most valuable thing, but the finger. It told us a truth: The most important ability is not what you had, but the idea how to get what you want.

The idea of supply system is the soul of our company’s business philosophy. This idea has been realized by a professional and efficient team.
The supply system of ours:
1. For the time being, we have 20 professional engineers working separately in many powerful factories over North and South of China. They are in charge of research, quality inspection, producing stage and other information transmission. They report to the headquarters in time.
2. We keep very good and close business relations with more than 40 factories all over China. They are good at different products so that we can satisfy different clients. We successfully make it sure that our orders are at the first place in their production arrangement.

3. We have strict quality inspection procedures in everyday working. About 10 steps of quality inspection assure good quality of every batch. Click here to see our quality guarantee.
4. In the headquarters, we have efficient and skilled operators in charge of contract management, documents management, shipment management, finance department, etc. To ensure documents, delivery and finance.
5. Aftersale service: They are in charge of answering for any quality problems and claim. They will punctually contact clients and factories in case any quality and delivery problems. The general manager and a couple of managers will visit our main clients every year also.

The successful team organization and philosophy make a successful business growth. Are you still worrying about your suppliers’ credit? Are you still waiting for postponed leadtime? Are you nervous for the quality of coming shipment?Come here, give us a chance to show you qualified products Made in China! We want to go ahead together with you!
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