We have strict quality control and perfect process control flow ,below are our quality control process flow chart and test  laboratory & Testing facilities.
Our aim  is continued  improvement !

precision casting

precision casting
Laboratory & Testing facilities
·                                 Spectrometer : ARL (Swiss) make with ARL net facility. 29 elements analysing capacity
·                                 Image analyser : With camera attached to the microscope.
·                                 Load test machine: Universal testing machine
·                                 Hardness tester : 3000 KGs Blue Start make Brinell Hardness Testing machine.
·                                 Dimension measurement:3MM
·                                 X-ray defectoscope
·                                 All normal gauges and measuring tools.
Quality Records
We are maintaining the following documentation systems to assure quality.
·                                 Metal Chemistry Register
·                                 Mechanical testing Log Book
·                                 Dimensional inspection Log Book
Test Certificates
We are conducting & providing the following certificates to the customer for every batch supply.
·                                 Chemical test certificate
·                                 Physical / Mechanical test certificate.
·                                 Dimensions casual inspection list.